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Hot tubs ROYAL SPA you can personally or with your family really try and of course without engagement , which will undoubtedly give you the most information and personal feelings and experiences of hot tub.

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    Hot tubs Royal Spa

    ROYAL SPA hot tubs are available in two models lines: PREMIER and ULTIMATE.

    The most important features of ROYAL SPA hot tubs – reliability, unpretentious operation, easy maintenance, safety, maximum comfort, unforgettable hydromassage and perfect relaxation are the priority of both models.

    With ROYAL SPA hot tubs you can always be sure that whatever model you choose, you always get the same quality and long life. The differences are only in size, design and equipment.


    I want to try hot tubs Royal Spa

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      We will deliver your hot tub at a precisely agreed time to your specified address, we will professionally install your hot tub, fill it with water from your source, put the hot tub into operation, train you in detail to operate the hot tub and care for hot tub water.
      With the ROYAL SPA hot tub you also receive free technical support throughout the life of your hot tub, permanent availability of hot tub accessories, permanent availability of spare parts, permanent availability of chlorine-free hot tub water care products, warranty service and also advantageous post – warranty service.


      MasivFrame® – Stable and exceptionally strong supporting structure made of solid pressure-stained wood  perfectly resists all vibrations and ranks hot tubs ROYAL SPA to the world’s most stable hot tubs.

      SafeBase® – All ROYAL SPA hot tubs models are safe from the floor protected and isolated against water, rodents and insects strong bathtub made of high quality ABS plastic, which is characterized high toughness and hardness.

      DuraCab® – ROYAL SPA hot tubs are thoroughly protected around the perimeter solid and high quality cabinet made of durable UV stable material with long life.

      IsoSafe® – Thermal insulation of shell hot tubs ROYAL SPA high density insulating foam with graphite in combination with reflective insulating foil and quality thermo cover closes the heat in the hot tub and saves money

      NordIsol® – Arctic thermal insulation protects and thoroughly insulates not only the shell, but also all the water pipes, the floor also the cladding, which absolutely minimizes energy demands of hot tubs ROYAL SPA.

      IsoShield® – Above standard massive thermo cover in medium thickness up to 15 cm makes together with Arctic insulation NordIsol® from ROYAL SPA hot tubs the most economical hot tubs on the market.

      SolidShell® – Extremely strong and durable shells ROYAL SPA hot tubs
      moreover, it is reinforced in seating positions, giving them an exceptional sense of strength.

      ErgoStyle®  – Professionally designed ergonomics of everybody position in the hot tubs ROYAL SPA guarantees that everyone can find
      for sure with confidence it will find its most comfortable place.

      HydroDynamic® –  Exceptionally strong high-flow hydromassage jets along with our sophisticated installation and quality pumps they provide ROYAL SPA hot tubs in all models unforgettable relaxation and therapeutic hydromassage.

      MaxTherapy® – This extraordinary feature of irreplaceable hydromassage with maximum relaxation and healing effect enables literally intuitive feeling control of the intensity and time of the massage to the places of your body, exactly where you need it. This timeless management of the intensity and time of the massage to individual parts of the body are a unique solution in each ROYAL SPA hot tub in UNIQUE variant.

      PowerFlo® – Quiet, powerful and economical electronically controlled two-speed massage pumps ensure in every moment the best possible relaxing or therapeutic hydromassage in all hot tubs ROYAL SPA.


      RainLight® – The central rainbow LED lighting will light up any ROYAL SPA hot tub a pleasant, soothing light of color of your choice or all colors can blend seamlessly.

      CornLight ® – Subtle color LED illumination of the outer corners of the cabinet enhances the external beauty of the ROYAL SPA hot tubs.

      CircLight® –  Amazing, unique all-round outdoor multicolored LED lighting for selected ROYAL SPA hot tubs.

      ClearLight® –  Clear, soothing full-frame multi-colored underwater LED illumination and backlight elements together with the central RainLight®
      the basis of effective chromatotherapy in selected hot tubs ROYAL SPA.

      RimaFlo® – The soothing, decorative individually controlled color backlit Roman fountains are part of most ROYAL SPA hot tub models.

      CrannyFlo® – Decorative, soothing, independently controlled and colorfully lit waterfall can be found in almost every ROYAL SPA hot tub, in some models, even in combination with RimaFlo®

      JoySound® – Built-in audio system with Bluetooth and subwoofer
      is also an integral part of most ROYAL SPA hot tub models.

      DirCon® – The most reliable hot tubs management and control system ROYAL SPA has long been verified by millions of users all over the
      world is made up of the most powerful control unit and intuitive touch control panel.

      RemOn® – All for absolute comfort, selected models of ROYAL SPA whirlpools are equipped with personal controls, so you can turn on your favorite hydromassage directly from the comfort of your place in hot tub.

      SecuStep® – Long-term durability and stable quality is thanks to our expertise practical experience, years of proven production and assembly
      using state-of-the-art components and quality material characteristic
      for all models of ROYAL SPA hot tubs.

      LongPro+® – Long-term durability and stable quality is thanks to our expertise practical experience, years of proven production and assembly
      using state-of-the-art components and quality material characteristic for all models of ROYAL SPA hot tubs.

      PuritSpa® – Powerful and efficient program-controlled filtration in collaboration with a productive ozonator with a dosing injector the best foundation of clean and healthy water in the ROYAL SPA hot tubs.

      AddClean® – ROYAL SPA filter system with AddClean® function recognizes the use of the hot tub and triggers an extra filtration process outside standardly set filter cycles, thus all impurities, greases and the like is filtered from the water immediately after use of the hot tub.

      NoChlor® – Healthy and clean water is the basis of perfect pleasures and experiences in hot tub. Of course, therefore, all hot tubs ROYAL SPA use exclusively a chlorine-free water care system.

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